Opening Note

After 5 years of residence on Facebook, we are bringing CODIJY Colorization Community back “home”.

We look at reuniting with our users, devoted members, long-term contributors and welcoming new members away from the informational storms and social hassle.

We’ve drawn an extensive experience in building a community that you would love to return to every day. We will keep to same principles and best practices of running it in the future.

At the same time, this new virtual artistic retreat was designed to create more opportunities that will help us bring our community life to a new level!

We are still at the process of migrating from the old community: informing our members, users and artists, testing new features, writing documentation and more. We expect that our community life will come to its normal pace in a week. Meanwhile we invite you to join in, connect and follow other members, join groups, post discussions, and just look around!

Please stay tuned!


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