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Having been a vintage film fan for many many years and seeing a plethora of b/w images and wanted them to be in color

CODIJY and my supplementary software enable this to happen

back in that era color film was expensive  and we are now in a position to preserve History in a technical and artistic way whilst maintaining quality.

Yes colorways used are fictitious mostly but it gives that life to the image and warmth.

Magazine color plates in the 40s and 50s were not  to the standard of todays and CODIJY is more in tune with todays.

I used the word fictitious with the  regard to colors as I do not use existing color images for reference I only use b/w and convert them using imagination and with the Hollywood feel for glamour

Your colorization experience

I have been colorizing for about 7 years but it now has moved on using additional software to lift the colorization further