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When I was a child, oh so many years ago, the world was a brightly coloured place yet, when I look at photos from that time, it seems so dull. Adding colour, for me, brings that past, and photos from long before I was born, into the present. People and places seem more real to me, not just vestigial footnotes from history.I’ve been messing around with images on computer screens for at least two decades, so I’m not sure when I first colourised a photo, but the first colourisation I do remember clearly was of a picture of my mother as a child, and her sister who had died shortly after the photo was taken. Although, looking at it now, the colourisation wasn’t great, the effect it had on mum made me explore more family photos…
…and so my journey began!

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Other Tools

Corel Paintshop Pro – the image processor I use the most.
Serif Photoplus – image processor, has some nice tools for repairing damaged photos.
Filter Forge –¬†Filter Forge, a paid for program, but the individual effects are then free.
The Gimp – a free image processor, but has plenty of tools and effects.