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I’m an amateur photographer who has always loved  the Art of Photography. I learnt how to restore vintage black and white photographs four years ago as away of preserving our family history for future generations.  Two years ago I came across the work of the Russian artist, Olga Shirnina and , I was stunned by her work. I did some research and discovered that it was a very serious and well accepted  art form. An art that with the right software could be learnt. With more research I discovered CODIJY

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I purchased CODIJY early this year whilst in Covid lock down here in Australia.

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I use both Lightroom and Photoshop, before and after, the colourization of an image in CODIJY. I first import my chosen B/W image into Lightroom to do some preliminary “surgery”.  I will dodge and burn, de-noise, take down/bring up shadows. Etc. What ever it takes to get the image where I want it. I will use Photoshop (rather than Lightroom) to remove imperfections such as, dust, spots, noise and unwanted areas of the image. After colourization in CODIJY , I then export the image  back into Lightroom.  I like to “soften” all  my images  to take away any hard edges or  sharpness in the photo that I find displeasing.  Also, it works amazingly on skin tones. It smooths and blends the colours together beautifully.  I go to the “Detail section”  in   Noise Reduction choose the Luminance slider and take it up to where the image is softened to the desired affect. That’s pretty much how I do it